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The Story

The 3 members who make up the band, Queen J, C23, and Freelien, come from a place called Dunos: a gigantic metropolis full of charm and wonders, but unfortunately dominated by the tyrant Controller. With his National Guard, he exerts his control over everyone, ensuring that no one goes beyond his limits.

And for a dictator who wants to have control over everyone, there is no greater enemy than art, and that is why the residents of Dunos are relentlessly repressed every day and everywhere, except one…

From afar, the Underground looks like a normal bar, but on its stage, the band performed for the first time, captivating their entire audience and unfortunately drawing the Controller’s attention, who promptly invaded the Underground in search of rebels.

With their fate sealed and united, Queen J, C23, and Freelien relied on the help of Leona, [something to describe her], and also the charismatic DJ Kéu, who helped the band escape the Controller by opening a portal to another dimension.

And where did they come to? To Earth!

Now, here in our expanded reality, FreeQueenC is learning even more about the importance of freedom and how it is the fuel of creativity capable of ending the tyrannical forces in Controller.

Queen J, C23, and Freelien are inhabitants of a city far away from Earth called DUNOS. A place where everything is gray and without contrasts and that is ruled by the tyranny of a being known as the Controller. The National Guard is responsible for carrying out the ruler’s orders and not allowing anyone to leave the boundaries of Dunos.

After an incident, the three begin to doubt the possibility of an ancient prophecy finally coming true and them being the chosen ones who will save Dunos. They decide to leave the place and end up coming to Earth where they are welcomed by a well-known figure: DJ Kéu. With her, Queen J, C23, and Freelien will learn the importance of freedom and how it is the fuel of creativity capable of ending the tyrannical forces in Controller.

Queen J

Daughter of a great warrior, Jones (known as Queen J) suffered a great trauma in childhood when she saw, reflected in the mirror, the World Guard annihilating her father. She grew up learning that she too was a warrior, a queen - hence the name she assumed.


C23 was one of Dunos' thousands of service robots. One day, his owner, a noble and kind man, decided to give him the long-awaited reprogramming. What could not be imagined is that on the day the android gained human characteristics and began to smell and taste, he would also have to deal with the feeling of seeing his old owner being annihilated by the World Guard.


This friendly alien suffered a great trauma in childhood and still blames himself today for not having had the courage to do something to prevent his brother from being taken by the World Guard - he has never been heard from since. He changes color and becomes paralyzed when he is afraid, which brings several problems for Freelien.

DJ Kéu Beat

Charismatic, authentic, and extremely creative, that's the famous DJ Kéu, who became popular in the Underground scene of Dunos. Mysteriously, she discovered a way to come to Earth, where she can freely develop her art.

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